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Online Media Ministry.

It fills us with much joy that you have decided to join us online to be apart of our ministry. Please feel free the browse through what we have prepared for you, and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you and bring about a change in your lives. Our Sunday morning services are streamed live every week, as we bring the word of God to you wherever you are.


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Here are some of Bishop Gills messages prepared for you.

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    The #1 sign of the Lord's coming.

    lords coming


    Prosperity Gospel.

    prosperity gospel


    2012 & Beyond.

    2012 & beyond


    Two natures of the Christian.

    2 natures


    The World.

    the world


    Where there is no vision.

    no vision


    Church and the movies.



    Divorce & Re-marriage pt1.

    Divorce & Re-marriage pt1


    Divorce & Re-marriage pt2.

    Divorce & Re-marriage pt2