Here are some of the great things God has done!

Lisa Campbell

 In December 2000 I  became very ill, and had visited many doctors, who at the time did not know exactly what was wrong with me. As time went by my health grew worse, I had fluid in my stomach and right lung, also ultrasounds showed I had infertility,  gross abscise, a large right pleural effusion, fibroids, with both ovaries having cysts and both fallopian tubes blocked. I had stage four endometriosis. At one time I had spent about a month in the hospital to have the fluid in my lungs drained. The doctors told me that I don't have to live with this disease and I will never have a child, but God proved them wrong.

One night at church in 2001, Bishop Gill prayed for me and told me that God will heal me and give me a creative miracle. I held on to that word. However, due to the unbearable suffering and pain I decided to have an operation on my womb. The night before the operation God sent his prophet Bishop Gill, who told me that God said he will give me two children, tears began to flow down my face as I thanked God. Later my doctor told my husband and I that my womb had deteriorated and it made no sense to keep it. We told the doctor to do what he has to do but no hysterectomy, he looked at us as if we were insane to take such a risk, but we knew God gave us a word. We had faith in God and trusted him. After the operation I had many complications, which caused heavy bleeding for two and a half years. One day though God came through for me and stopped the bleeding and I eventually got pregnant in 2005. God visited me in a dream and confirmed it is done. Today I have a healthy child and I am healed. Truly God is a miracle working God and all glory belongs to him.

Esther Sylvester

On February 13th 2009, we were on a camp when the call came. My husband called and said "Esther, Dillon is in the hospital; he was in a little accident with a truck." I immediately left the camp and headed for the hospital. On reaching the hospital, I spoke with the doctor, he said "Mrs. Sylvester your son is in a serious condition the truck has crushed his left side, his lungs has collapsed and we had to do emergency surgery on him to determine the extent of his injuries. He has twelve broken ribs and his spleen is also damaged. At visiting time, we got to see him. He looked horrible; he had tubes in his nose and mouth, tubes on either side of his chest; his eyes were taped down and his lips were swollen. The bed was bloody and the tube leading out of his chest was running blood into a bottle on the floor. He had about fifteen different machines attached to different parts of his body. His back had no skin on it as a result from the accident and he was assisted with his breathing by a machine. The doctor said that normally we needed about 20% of oxygen but they were giving him 100%. They had to sedate him and paralyze him. No one thought he would have lived, but I went to God in prayer. I prayed "Lord, this is me; this is my first born, don't take him from me. I need a miracle from you. You did it for others, now I'm asking You to do it for me." After fifteen days in the intensive care unit, the doctor said they were leaving him under sedation. He woke up, gesturing for a pen and wrote, I need air. He spent two days in ICU, four days on the ward and walked out of the hospital with no pain and medication. When all was expecting the worst, God gave me peace that passed all understanding. My son is alive and well today. All the glory and honour to God. He's an awesome God.